bathing season started!


Who has already been showering in the Danube this year?!

We! 🙂 brrrrrrr, during sunset getting stuck in the mud while trying to get rid of the beads of sweat.. yeah, very romantic, between a little river of the Danube and silent fields, snoring together with old broken wooden boats…

IMG_0508 IMG_0510

Our first ride has brought us to Budapest – with sunshine and mostly good wind. The car drivers – inclusive the truck drivers – are extremely thoughtful. They always stop to let us cross the road. Though we are confused and lost and don’t know if we want to cross at all..


Budapest has been welcoming us with the best strudel – filled with potatoes, cabbage, feta cheese, poppy seed with sour cherry, poppy seed with cucumber… just great, we didn’t want to stop eating!


There are lots of cycle paths! Sometimes in the cities there are nearly too many cycle paths and we loose ours. But in the end all of them are ours – at least we want to see the world! We definitely do it – we often explore narrow streets, industrial areas, dead end streets.. 😉

In the nights the streets are alive – the smokers have to stink outside! How great! We enjoyed the company and city tour with our contact-friend Mate and the contact jam with brilliant live music! 🙂

chilling in the park. monocycling freaks, cocktailjugglers, car noises hiding in between sounds of skateboards. someone whistling. steps into all directions. voices. this park is so small, the street next to it so big. though we feel the live of the park and forget about the city. fine.


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